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Narada's Hair Studio is a private studio located in Burtonsville, Md. It is the Salon Of Salons dedicated to giving our clients the Privacy that they so deserve. This Salon Studio caters to the wants and needs of all of our V.I.P. Clientele.​
Narada is a Veteran Hair stylist, Microlocs Loctician, and Microblading PMU artist that caters to her clients and has insurmountable knowledge of hair care and hair worries. She can and will correct any hair issues or needs.


Our goal is to make everyone that enters our salon suite feel free and open enough to sincerely express what issues they are having with their hair in order for us to rectify the situation and achieve their dream hairstyle.  We strive for not only healthy hair, but a healthy state of mind. When you feel and look good,  you exude confidence. Our one and only vision is for our clients to leave feeling empowered and confident with themselves and ready to conquer the world.

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